Exploring Safety Measures

How To Keep Yourself Safe And Clean?

• Make sure you buy crackers from approved cracker sellers who have a government-issued licence.
• Never let children fire crackers on their own, and make sure that some adults are present to watch the children while they are doing so.
• Carefully read the safety precautions and follow them exactly as the cracker catalogue directs.
• Always use an agarbathi or long stick candle to light the crackers.
• Always have a bucket of water on hand to put out a smouldering fire.
• To put out a fire, keep a bucket of water, a blanket, and a first-aid kit close at reach.
• In the safe leading zone, don’t forget to utilise aerial fire.
• Do not attempt daring games such as lighting the crackers by holding them; instead, place the cracker down and walk away as soon as it is lit.
• Please keep the crackers inside the box and do not light them, as this could be dangerous.
• If the crackers aren’t working properly, please throw them away right away.
• Ariel fireworks should only be used in open areas where there will be no obstacles in the way of the cracker.
• Never light the aerial crackers near flammable materials or the hut.
• If you light fire crackers in an open garage door or window, there’s a chance they’ll catch fire and cause a major fire.
• Do not try to set off fireworks inside the house because it could be quite dangerous.
• Use fireworks in an open area or in the open air without endangering the public. Fireworks should not be used in congested areas.
• Do not attempt to make fireworks on your own; it is both illegal and extremely dangerous.
• Do not attempt to re-ignite non-burst fireworks; instead, wait five minutes and then soak them in water.
• Do not use illicit fireworks or rural fireworks.
• Try not to use fireworks between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., as ordered by the Supreme Court.


• This firework should only be used outside; do not attempt to use it indoors.
• Before lighting the crackers, make sure there are no combustible products on the ground, that there are no individuals within 200 meters, and that the area is clear.
• There should be no loose soil on the surface and it should be quite hard.
• Keep in mind that these crackers should not be used near community halls, hospitals, or school zones and that they should not be used in crowded streets before a wedding procession or other special event. ordered by the Supreme Court.

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